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Value & Principles


We eliminate problems before they have a chance to arise through a dynamic attitude.


We thrive on all projects, delivering with high quality and in a timely manner to achive mutual benefits.


We create exceptional results with honesty and consistency adhering to our strong ethical principles


Our agile communiction approach involves clients to a transparent and exceptional outcome.

Our Story

We believe through technology we can enable a sustainable future for everyone. We want to ensure your success on creating a successful software product that can be used by as many people as possible for the benefit of mankind. We’re based in Adelaide, South Australia – one of the most liveable cities in the world – and want to open this opportunity for us to export our technologies globally, while creating jobs for local talent and attracting the best to work here.

Our Mission

To partner with industry leaders to build software products which enrich people’s lives with technological, socio - economic and environmental sustainability initiatives.

The Team

We believe it takes a winning team to succeed

Richard Kwan

Chief Executive Officer

Mario Polverino

Software Engineer

Ben Paech

Product and Services Manager

Vlad Vasilenko

Lead Developer

Iskandar Kunishev

UI/UX Designer

Igor Vasilenko

Front End Developer

Tommy Ang

Software Engineer

Jonathan Chung

Software Engineer

Richard Kwan

Richard Kwan

I invite you to engage and work with us and solve the world's biggest problems together.

CEO at Kiratech

As the founder and leader of Kiratech, I combine more than 15 years of experience in the IT, automotive, medical, waste management, logistics, commercial real estate, asset and funds management industries which enables me to build successful companies founded on winning teams. I am one of many and together as a team operate a well oiled machine guided by our company board.

My Vision

To lead this generation and empower the next by building a global company supporting local South Australian talent while attracting the best from around the world to work here. Along the way, partnering with people disrupting their respective industries, assisting their transition into adopting emerging technologies and contributing to making global sustainability a reality. We're proud to be recognised by our awards and partnerships with recycling industry assocations in Australia, Asia and the USA.

For Our Community

I don't forget about our neighbours having established our local community initiative program we provide up to 100% subsidized services to local small businesses such as restaurants, not-for-profit and educational organisations that are in line with our vision.

From Kiratech

With thousands of people engaging with our solutions per week, we’re helping our customers make an impact by automating their businesses, digitalising their services into products, allowing them to scale and export their technologies globally. Through our city to city initiatives, working with governments, colleges and universities, we're setting the standard on what a smart city can be, starting first with our hometown Adelaide with the foundation being infrastructure to support next-generation tech companies.

Advisory Board

We surround ourselves with like minded people, who want to make the same impact as us.

Kirk Drage

Kirk Drage

Organisation Strategy

Binh Anh Nguyen

Binh Anh Nguyen

Growth Strategy

Adam Learmonth

Adam Learmonth

Funds Management

Leanne Hobbs

Leanne Hobbs

Leadership Mentor

Marty Gauvin

Marty Gauvin

Corporate Governance

Richard Turner

Richard Turner

Mergers and Acquisition

Jen (Jencey) Wilson

Jen (Jencey) Wilson

Automotive Recycling


Our track record and future goals

Kiratech Founded

After 2 successful company exists to companies in Australia and Canada, Richard founded Kiratech to solve the world's biggest problems through technology with industry partners.

Released first global used auto parts ecommerce solution

In 2015 we released the first used auto parts ecommerce marketplace globally.

Partnered with Minibin to release their waste management ERP

Developed over 2 years, we released a skip bin and waste management system for Minibin/Metrowaste.

Startup Weekend Winners

Participated in our first Startup Weekend and a team member of Taboo - eventual winners - founding a social enterprise focused on providing sanitary products to women in developing nations.

MassChallenge Winners!

2017 MassChallenge Bridge to Australia Winners!

MassChallenge is the largest not-for-profit startup Accelerator based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

Which has accelerated more than 2458 startups that have raised more than $6.2 billion in funding, generated $3 billion in revenue and created 157k+ jobs.

NASA Space Apps Winners

Crowd favorite Adelaide NASA Space App winners, working with other great individuals with a concept to detect space debris damage on satellites.

IgniteSA - Digital Town Square

Initial pilot tenant of the Digital Town Square - an initiative by IgniteSA in partnership with UniSA, Optus, Cisco and EscapeNet leveraging the GigCity network to build local cloud infrastructure for startups.

Released iAppraise

Partnered with xPhase to release iAppraise - processing 20,000 vehicles per month and $1 billion worth of vehicles per year within 24 months.

1KWS - Prevented cyber terrorist attacks

Part of the Anvil Capital team which owned, managed and financed the 1 King William Street (1KWS) building. Provided custom developed cyber security firewall and remote access software to allow secure access for facility management.

Community Engagement Initiative Launched

Local community initiative to provide IT services to local businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic and internship program to provide graduates employment opportunities within South Australia.


Bringing an impact to the medical fields of Adelaide.

Pilot testing with USA commercial partners and software distributors.

Began pilot testing products and services to the USA.

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We're always open to partner with the right people and help you with your success journey.

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Award-Winning Team

We believe it takes a winning team to succeed. Our team consists of experienced IT Developers, designers, infrastructure crew and cyber security engineers to deliver the best product development journey for our clients.

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