How We Build?

Incremental Product Development Cycle

Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

High level discussion to understand your business and formulate solutions through technical workshops to outline task and milestone before production stage

Production Phase

Production Phase

We will go through UI/UX Designing sessions then handoff for development crew to build your software and conduct reviews together for potential features, user testing and maintenances

Adoption Phase

Adoption Phase

We will run manual integration testing, setup deployment pipelines, perform security tests and provide support and review user feedbacks.

Scale Phase

Scale Phase

We provide support and set the stage from technical or non-technical angles to accommodate the growth for your business through our Solutions Architect and Principal Consulting



Kiratech Incremental Product Development Cycle

We design, build and deliver quality softwares and applications tailored for each business need in order to maximise your outcome. Kiratech’s methodology combines waterfall planning, agile development and incremental product releases for immediate feedback.

We break this into 1 cycle, 4 phases and few loops.

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1. Discovery Phase

Be involved in 2 types of workshops: Technical and Non-Technical.

Non-technical workshop is to define the applications outputs, needs and requirements from users and define these into an understanding that generates a return of investment.

Technical workshops are conducted to understand the engineering requirements and resources to then realise the opportunity to create a tangible software product.

We have rapid design concept prototypes and mockups suitable for any budgets!

At the end of this phase, together we will agree on and obtain:


The right software language and framework


Refined and clear concept design mockup


Financial and commercial viability


Finalized scope of work document


2. Production Phase

Sprint-planning and Implementation occurs.

When production begins, a minimal viable team is assembled, with the required technical expertise and time commitment is allocated to you. A Sprint cycle is then defined based on the velocity of which development is to occur. The team can be expanded or condensed, depending on what expertise or pace each sprint will require – budgeting is also taken into consideration.

In this phase, you will be constantly involved in these 3 loops:


Design Loop

Adjusts on UI/UX designs based on reviews


Development Loop

Work on sprint cycles and implementations


New Feature Loop

Checks support tickets and build new solutions


3. Adoption Phase

Lets run through some test.

After carefully building together your product software, we are ready to go through multiple system testing to ensure all functionalities and integrations are working as intended based on the signed agreement. It is important that your product is market ready and recieve positive user testing feedbacks!

In this phase, we will go through with you in these 3 loops:


User Testing Loop

Performs manual integration testing


Deployment Loop

Deploy pipelines and monitor environment


Support Loop

Communicate and review feedbacks


4. Scale Phase

Bringing your business to the next level!

Scaling means finding ways to grow efficiently, so that your gains will exponentially outpace your expenses. We provide support and analyse multiple angles to accommodate the your growth through our Solutions Architect and Principal Consulting.

If you wish to evelate your products, we will expose you to a in-depth discussion on research and development, capital and commercial planning and supply chain modelling.


Here at Kiratech, we don’t just stop at you being a satisfied customer. We aim to ensure that your product is sustainable and market-ready!