Our Impact

We're on a journey to change the world, playing a fundamental role in the daily lives of many from healthcare to automotive, aquaculture to waste management and you wouldn't even know it!

$1B per annum / $2.7 million per day of transactions / 0.67% of Australia's GDP relies on Kiratech to happen. With our partners, we have direct reach to over 1 Billion people!

Healthcare & Medical

Empowering Healthcare Leaders, Hospitals and Clinicians to improve their operational efficiency and performance through automation and digitalization with a data driven focus.

Healthcare & Medical-image

6,000+ Clinicians

are using our systems to implement KPIs for real-time recovery of unaccounted expenditures.

300,000 Patients per year

are receiving better care and experience from hospitals

$200+ Millions

Unaccounted expenditure recovered by providing governance, compliance and communications.

Automotive & Transport

Optimising vehicle dealerships and auto parts recyclers to make sustainable transportation the global standard through a closed loop economy.

400+ Car dealerships

across Australia & New Zealand are onboarded to the solutions.

Automotive & Transport-image

30,000+ Vehicles

are transacted through the solution.

$1++ Billion

worth of appraisals are processed through the solution.

The Results Speak for Themselves


Providing the software tools for land and ocean farmers to adopt technologies to increase yields and track food from farm to consumption.

800+ Million

of farmed oysters are being tracked and recorded digitally on our solution.

400+ Oyster farms

across Australia are using the software on a daily basis.

90+ Millions oysters

are sold annually and contributing $150+ Million of value to Australia's economy.


Recycling & Waste Management

Increasing the efficiency of waste management companies and reducing landfill by repurposing raw materials into new products.

2,000+ Clients

Across Australia are ordering Skip Bins through our solution.

10,000+ Skip Bins

are ordered through the software we made for our client, Minibin.

Recycling & Waste Management-image

Closed economy loop

to establish a new standard in sustainability.