Why We Exist


Core Purpose

Enable people all around the world with technology for a sustainable future.


Our mission is to partner with leaders to build software products which enrich people’s lives with technological, socio-economic and environmental sustainability initiatives.


Solving the world’s challenges by empowering entrepreneurs in Start-ups, Enterprises , Industry Leaders and Government using emerging technologies to transform ideas into software products.

Who Do We Empower?

Entrepreneurs – anyone who has an idea and want to bring it to life!

Kiratech empower you to build custom software products to solve the world’s most impactful challenge together You have the idea and domain knowledge; we bring the software development capabilities to then build your product.


We only work with the right people aligned with our mission:


We partner with founders to develop softwares which increases the chances of successfully founding a start-up and scale their businesses.


We help enterprises to achieve businesses efficiency and automation while leveraging their domain experience.

Industry Leaders
Industry Leaders

We enable Industry Leaders to create solutions that solve fundamental needs by bridging, integrating and automating the supply chain gaps.


We collaboratively work with Governments to solve society’s biggest problems, to as many people in specific regions, states and countries.

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Our Focus Industries

Recycling & Waste Management

Increasing the efficiency of waste management companies and reducing landfill by repurposing raw materials into new products.

Automotive & Transport

Optimising vehicle dealerships and auto parts recyclers to make sustainable transportation the global standard through a closed loop economy.

Healthcare & Medical

Empowering General Practitioners, Hospitals and Medical Specialists to improve automation, digitalization, and transition with a data-driven focus in the healthcare industry.

New Industries

We welcome opportunities to work with like-minded people or organisations, who align with our vision in new industries we would like to focus on such as aquatech, agtech, finance and aviation.