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True North

Problems faced by hospitals

Hospitals are struggling to maintain operational and quality standards to deliver health care. They work in silos with minimal overlap, spread out across 100 different clinical pathways. This makes it impractical for the board members, higher management and executives to track and monitor overall hospital performance, leaving each department to fend for themselves as information presented to them are only at a high-level. Most of these important data are still written manually which contributes to problems such as, Data inaccuracies and manipulation , Difficulty in achieving the hospital index compliance , Minimal visibility across hospital hierarchy , Data limited to specific ward / unit , Absence of historical records

The Solution

Team North allows executive management in hospitals to implement strategies based on key performance indicators (KPIs), enable governments to establish compliance measures, and amplify the voices of medical staff within departments. Explore the system’s capabilities with a firsthand view of the board in action during huddles or staff changeovers, facilitating seamless knowledge transfer and retention. Using machine learning and AI we can leverage operational data to empower clinicians and departmental resources with guidance on real-time action items for improved patient outcomes.

Digital solutions include:


Our solution allows supervisors, nurses, and helpers to input efficiently and read data that is sync real-time, enhancing collaboration and workflow optimization. 


Dynamic cyber protection service to prevent data or hospital KPI records being stolen.


Experience unparalleled efficiency with our special digital board builder, swiftly generating custom boards or KPI reports for hospital departments and leaders.

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Our Process

We begin by crafting an intuitive user experience through meticulous UX/UI design, followed by our Rapid Concept Prototype creation. As we create a usable prototype online for hospital nurses to test, we also worked on infrastructure setup. We had consistent weekly meeting to ensure our clients are up to date with the software progression, and integrate new feedbacks or suggestion from our clients.

How it works:


We understand the traditional information update process where nurses write department progress on whiteboard , then turn the idea into digital screen thats scalable


Weekly meetings with Division leaders and nurses so we can improve the software and how it can help nurses update information better, which will eventually make KPI review easier.


Develop new features and improvements every month and ensure our client is up to date with weekly SCRUM meetings.



Since launching in 2023, True North has assisted NAHLN on a day-to-day basis.


hospital employees are currently leveraging the system daily.


departments are currently using the digital boards to optimize workflow


division leaders are checking department performance in real-time daily

About The

The innovation and improvement team, in collaboration with clinical governance and risk services, provide the education, training and coaching required to support NALHNs workforce to embrace and embed a continuous improvement culture. Facilitators lead project workshops, define opportunities, and collaboratively seek solutions through consultation and lateral thinking.


Local South Australian Hospital

Innovation and Improvement Facilitation Department, NALHN

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