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We partner with industry leaders to build software products which enrich people’s lives with technological, socio-economic and environmental sustainability initiatives.


What is key to building successful software

Through an adaptable and repetitive routine, we continuously improve how we build software. We never stop learning which allows us to always incorporate the latest technologies and methodologies with our processes.

It's the Team!

Every software product that we create is built by a team with the foundation of a fun and empathetic culture. We embrace every challenge that is set forth, respond and adapt to ensure that mutual expectations are always met. When you engage with us, you become part of our award-winning team and we transfer our capabilities to you.

It’s proven, to have the highest chance of successfully developing on time and on budget is to work with the right supportive team.



Custom Product Software Development

Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions or organizations.


Custom Mobile App Development

Combining the power of mobile technologies with software into portal digital devices.


Custom Website Development

Converting your artistic ideas into a digitally accessible asset which represents your branding and objectives, with the functionality for a smooth user experience.

How Do We Deliver On Time and On Budget

Kiratech Incremental Product Development Cycle combines waterfall planning, agile development and incremental product releases for immediate feedback to maximise production efficiency.


Discovery Phase

Consists of Non-technical and Technical Workshops for our Solution Architect and Project Manager to understand your business and technical requirements for success and milestones.


Production Phase

Project Manager and the team implement a Design Loop to review and adjust the design, plan the targeted tasks and implement changes in the Development Loop and check for newly created support tickets in New Feature Loop.


Adoption Phase

The team runs manual integration testing, setup deployment pipelines, perform security tests and provide support and review user feedbacks.


Scale Phase

We provide support and set the stage from technical or non-technical angles to accommodate the growth for your business through our Solutions Architect and Principal Consulting.

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