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There will be few IT auditor that analyse source codes in a software or application to improve system’s performance, structure or assess the quality for ongoing development.


IT Auditing

We understand the struggles of launching an idea that involves many technical details and risks, therefore we are here to break down all those walls for you, from designing, testing, developing and launching the best possible viable product that will bring the most benefits to your business.

Allowing you to get the most out of a concept, to better serve your customers and better deliver your business values.



Market Research

A user-based market fit review to analyses users and market satisfaction.


Customer Focus

We prioritise user satisfaction. We want to ensure your product receives good positive feedback from people.


Secured and Safe

We provide software cyber threat management security and breach possibilities to ensure your (and your users data) is continuously protected

Agile Auditing Framework

Using this 5-step road map precisely, IT Auditors aim to analyse and audit your software product and generate a report. We will communicate with you concurrently step-by-step for the best outcomes.



Identify market opportunity and analyse competitors based on your ideas.
Determine necessary requirements and provisions to create concepts of product for you.


Software User Testing

Generate multiple user personas and have each individual run through the software acting as the given persona role. We then seek to understand how user-friendly the process is.


Technical Auditing

There will be a check-up on the software's infrastructure status and if there's a need for maintenance or updates.


Cyber Security Penetration Test

We provide software cyber threat management which includes assessment of IT structure, security, and breach possibilities to ensure your (and your users data) is continuously protected, as well as business continuity is provided in the event of a hacking into your systems.



Together we generate a report that states our step-step user experience testing and list out potential threats and error for future improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the benefits of conducting an IT Audit:

  • Evaluate the system and processes in place that secure company data.
  • Determine risks to a company's information assets, and help identify methods to minimize those risks.
  • Ensure information management processes are in compliance with IT-specific laws, policies and standards.
  • Determine inefficiencies in IT systems and associated management.

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